“Coffee Curiosity is passionate about coffee and community and we are delighted to be opening a new cafe at Singleton Village hall. 

Offering locally roasted coffee, blended teas, hot chocolates, cakes, treats and snacks from local suppliers whenever possible.

Open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Launching Friday 10th September 2021.

Pop by and say hello whether it’s for coffee, cake or just a chat.”  (Chase Langley, Owner)

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      MAIN HALL  (holds 140 Seated / 200 Standing)                                £15.00 per Hour

       EXTENSION DOWNSTAIRS (holds 60 Seated / 80 Standing)           £15.00 per Hour

       EXTENSION UPSTAIRS (holds 60 Seated / 80 Standing)                   £15.00 per Hour

       ½ EXTENSION UPSTAIRS                                                                   £10.00 per Hour

Please note the hourly rate is applicable up to 6.00pm. For any time booked after 6.00pm the Evening Rate applies as below.

Minimum hire of 3 hours required.

      USE OF KITCHEN  (one off fee)                                                            £20.00

      Music Licence – PPL                                                                            £10.00

      (Applies if any music is played at all – either by professionals or from a personal device)        


     DEPOSITS  (Deposits will be fully returned if everything is ok after the event)

      Meetings                                                                                               £50.00

      CHILD                                                                                                     £100.00

      CHILD – 10 to 15                                                                                    £150.00

      16 to 21                                                                                                 £400.00

      22 to 24                                                                                                 £250.00

      OVER 25                                                                                                 £200.00


      All day Main Hall or Extension (8am to Midnight)                               £320.00 (all in)  Deposit £300.00

      Evening Main Hall or Extension (6pm to Midnight)                             £175.00 (all in)  Deposit £200.00

      Clearance and Cleaning Main Hall / Ext. D (optional)                         £100.00

      Clearance and Cleaning Extension Up (optional)                                £100.00


Sundays Main Hall only available from 1.30pm – Midnight / Extension Halls from 12.30pm

New Regular User

      Any Hall any time of day                                                                             £15.00 per Hour

      If attending Committee Meetings                                                             £11.00 per Hour